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Sept 25, 2020

The Human Life and Artificial Intelligence (A.I): The Future Awaits

As a child, I was fascinated by the story of a knife because a knife can be used when needed while also dangerous when it falls into the wrong hands. You can either chop vegetables with a knife to make a good meal or harm someone with it. Therefore, we can say that a knife is not good or bad, but it is just a tool but the user's behaviour decides the experience of the tool.

This is perhaps simple human psychology regardless of the tools we use. Every one of us has come across some sci-fi movies where the robots fight and take control over planets. That's Artificial Intelligence on an extreme scale. But soon we see that the human consciousness awakens and the human takes back the control. That's humanity. What Technology does is that it creates a balance between both ends.

Artificial intelligence is still in its early stages. Nonetheless, it has created some terrific buzz in the business world wherein large companies are heavily investing in A.I. technology. M2M (Machine-to-Machine), Deep Learning, IoT, Machine Learning, Computer Science, and Big Data are the fields of work within the purview of Artificial Intelligence.

"SIRI, ALEXA, NETFLIX and TESLA Cars are few pioneers who have successfully applied for the A.I. technology in its products."

You too can leverage the power of A.I for your business by better identifying the current demands and predicting the trends with pinpoint precision. Try to understand the trends better and how your business can benefit from it and how you can have customers use it better. Implement latest A.I technology by adapting new trends with your current business operations. Sophisticated A.I services can proactively change your business model without prompting any anticipated challenges by solving prospective issues before occurrence.

Moreover, this happens without the emotions, prejudices, myopia, and egoism that clouds much of the human judgment as we stand today on the crossroads, whether to fear or reject the A.I. It all goes down the same dark road as did Pullman, Woolworths, and Marshall Field, Kodak, and Blockbuster names once associated with success, now forever but are now tinged with the patina of failure.

To embrace A.I. is to welcome the future that may well go beyond the scope of our imagination.

At Achyut Labs, we endorse the use of Artificial Intelligence and are working towards applying AI technology in most of our service and product offerings.