Artificial Intelligence

The Human Life and Artificial Intelligence (A.I): The Future Awaits. SIRI, ALEXA, NETFLIX and TESLA Cars are few pioneers who have successfully applied for the A.I. technology in its products.

Sept 25, 2020
Post By: Achyut Labs

Digital Marketing

How SMEs can leverage new technologies for business growth? Most SMEs will need digital marketing tools coupled with data analytics tools for market analysis that help shape their future affordably.

May 10, 2020
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Re-Imagining Future with Cloud and IoT

A couple of widely used terminologies in IT media are the IoT and Cloud Computing. From lifts to cellular phones to city buses, all will be subject to wired control systems shortly.

May 16, 2020
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The power and value of graphic designing in a modern world

The modern digital world has grown beyond engineering and science in the digital form of graphics. Modern social media platforms only talk with images and draw on the right image/logo / banner graphics.

Aug 2, 2020
Post By: Achyut Labs