Cake Market Place o

So you are passionate about cakes? Started your own business, and now you’re wondering what’s next? You are new to the business, and it's a tad bit difficult to handle everything, isn’t it? Business is not just selling, but it includes various aspects from production management, supply chain and many small and big factors in between. It can be confusing how to handle it all, but Achyut Labs is here for you with an amazing solution! FlakesBakes Cake Builder and Ordering System is an end-to-end cake shop solution of Achyut Labs.

This product intends to serve any retail chain, which includes cake order services, customization of cake, administration of shop and products, sales reports, and customer management. The product is highly customized for cake shops across the world which includes eCommerce solutions. This online cake ordering system is efficient in use and keeps the workflow maintained systematically. FlakeBakes offers a customization scope that allows you to build a better business that will reach a pedestal. We take pride in our other successful project that is FlakesBakes which is a cake ordering system customized for cake shops across the world.

We Delivered o

1. Customer Portal with Ecommerce
2. Mobile Application
3. Cake Builder
4. Admin Panel
5. Cake Variant Management
6. Many more features

Product Architecture o

cake ordering system

Components' Brief o

Admin Portal o

Admin portal is a UI-based web app component. It provides Admin users to manage (CRUD) master entities ( Product, Varients) and can see all transaction reports.

Customer Portal o

The customer portal is a public UI webapp component. It facilitates customers to customize the cake with various options and add-ons and buy the cake for any occasion.

Mobile Application o

All the features in the customer web portal are provided in the form of a mobile (android) application.

API Gateway o

It is the facade between UI and backend components. Technically it is a single secure endpoint for every UI request going to hit a server.

Master Data Service (MDS) o

It is the web service response to perform CRUD operations for master data entities (Product, Varients, etc..).

Order and Payment Service (OIPS) o

It is the web service response to process orders and payments.

Order Service o

It is the web service that is responsible for managing customer order details with all customized parameters details.

Database o

It is a cloud-hosted SQL database that holds all transactions and master data.

Entities/Different Users o


  • Customers can order various cakes/products for any occasion.
  • Customers can customize the cake according to their choice with various available options.


  • Monitors transactions
  • Add/Modify products and variants
  • Setup various attributes for cakes
  • Review order details with customized parameters
  • Print order details